.. food and more food ..

I sure ate a lot over the holidays! More and more and yes, a third helping please. My dad's birthday was on the first of January as well, and my mom prepared a big Vietnamese feast for him. I'm sad I didn't take any food pics to share.

Here's some other deliciousness that I enjoyed though...

 Shepherd's pie for Christmas Eve!

 My mom basting the turkey, with the best stuffing ever, just waiting to be devoured. The turkey still needed to get a bit more golden in the oven, but it was getting there. This was for Christmas dinner.

 A Christmas feast with two rib-eye roasts, a huge turkey, stuffing, creamy mash potatoes, corn, and roasted root vegetables. Yum!

 I made a shrimp and crab bisque as well. We used fresh crab so it was even more delicious and sweet.

Burgers, hot dogs, fries, and chili for New Year's!

After all the heavy holiday food, we decided to try a new healthy, mostly vegetarian restaurant for lunch the next day. Haha, it was okay, but not that flavorful. I like healthy food, so long as it's still flavorful!

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