.. celebrating with mom ..

As part of Mother's Day weekend, my mom and I went out this past Saturday and had a great time together!! We're very close, and despite both being tired from work that week, we still managed to stay out until 1AM that night. Just to make things even more festive, she and I dressed up a bit. She snapped some pics of me before we left, so that I could share it with you guys, and I included one of me and her as well!

I know the flower in my hair is a bit costumey, especially paired with the embroidered flowers on the dress, but I still like it. You can't see clearly from the image, but the dress has subtle beading throughout, mostly on the hemline and bodice ruffles. Really pretty and very comfortable, too!

My mom loves St. John, and she was sporting a beautiful beaded St. John knitted canary yellow blazer.

P.S. | My next post will feature the food I made on Mother's Day!

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