.. to be surrounded by lovely things ..

I've been doing a little shopping (big surprise!), and have just started organizing the piles of clothing and accessories I've accumulated. I don't even want to tell you how crazy cluttered it is in my bedroom (total shit storm, to be honest). I'm pretty much sitting here typing this out, and I'm completely surrounded by piles of clothes in all directions. That said, I'm still so excited about all the color, fun details, and pattern that I'll get to wear this spring and summer. And don't worry, there's plenty for the OFT shop as well!

Oh goodness, another full clothing rack, and I've run out of hangers again. I'm afraid I might be turning into a hoarder, but the clothes are just too pretty to pass up. I think it's time for some spring cleaning too, as I've got to make room for my new babies.

Here's a little sneak peek at some of my more recent purchases and also gifts from my mommy!

Mom came back from her trip with all these lovely traditional custom-made Vietnamese dresses for me! They're so colorful, and beautifully and perfectly tailored for me. These dresses are long, with two side slits that go up to your waist. They're worn with wide-legged silk trousers underneath.

There's so much more to show, and I promise to wear a few of these out soon, and I'll share some pics even.


  1. Your clothes looks so lovely (I waaaant them). Like you, I always run out of hangers and I hesitate to give away clothes. It's as if I connect to them and I don't want that connection to fade, haha. XX

  2. I absolutely agree...it's hard to part with, especially those vintage treasures that you combed the racks for!!


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