.. what's happening to my images?!? ..

Oh no, I was wondering what was going on with all my pictures, as they've shown up on blogger with really poor image quality...many of the images appear blurry, pixilated, and the colors are all washed out. I know that blogger compresses the images automatically, but it seems to be a lot worst lately, because even when I click on the images to view the larger image size, it's still terrible. I really don't remember this being a problem before!

I compared my uploaded images on blogger to the original images, and the difference is really significant!! I'm so sad, because I find it easiest to upload from blogger directly, but now I might have to upload my images via a third party server. I apologize for the poor image quality, and am working to remedy the situation asap!

Update | I've figured it out!! Apparently, I had almost reached the maximum storage capacity for picasa web albums, so blogger was automatically reducing the image quality (even more so than before) in order for me to be able to post any images at all. I purchased more storage space and am working to re-post the images from the last several weeks. The images still aren't as good as the original, but way better than before. Woohoo!!


  1. Super blog! J'aime tes articles;)

    Angela Donava

  2. Blogger has been having issues lately, however, I always found images were better quality through a third party.


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