.. cherry picking ..

The weather was perfect last weekend, and on Saturday, we took a long trip inland for some cherry picking. I had never seen cherry trees before, and for some unknown reason, just assumed they were lower to the ground (more bushy), but in fact they can grow fairly tall and large. It was a lot of fun, but exceedingly hot, so I was very thankful for my large hat and sunscreen. Sadly though, I had to abandon my cute little cropped jacket, as I started to sweat immediately after exiting the car.

Anyways, on to more pleasant matters...the cherries were so pretty, and we all couldn't help gorging on them. We probably ate just as much as we picked. We were practically tasting cherries on every tree, trying to find the sweetest ones in the bunch, but let me just warn you, that's not a great idea! After awhile, your tummy starts to hurt.

Hah, well what was supposed to be a pleasant post on cherries has turned into excessive talk about sweating and tummy aches. Let's just end things here, while we're ahead...It was a good time, and you all should find a cherry farm and indulge!

P.S. | I'll be posting on the food I prepared for Father's Day soon!


  1. Mmm..les photos sont tres appetissantes!!!:)
    Angela Donava

  2. Some of the cherries were deliciously sweet!!


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