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Last weekend, I went to a beautiful wedding, and the setting was just spectacular....a lovely, rustic, and romantic vineyard. After dinner, I snuck away for a couple of minutes to roam the fields. I just had to show you my dress. I love everything about it. It's vintage Tadashi, supple velvet, with a huge bow, sweetheart neckline, and fits like a glove. I felt great wearing it, and liked the old hollywood vibe I got from it. The dress is paired with mostly vintage jewelry, except for the ring and necklace, which I got as gifts. I added metallic accents with a vintage gold box clutch and some silver heels.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I have to tell you that I had a huge piece of spinach stuck in my teeth for this particular shot. I intended to post it as is, but to save everyone that unsightly image, I decided to do a bit of retouching on my teeth. Hehe, you're welcome.

The dirt was really soft and loose, so I was totally sinking into it. Who cares about getting your feet and shoes all dirty, when you're having fun!!

I escorted my mom to the wedding, since my dad had to go to another wedding on the same day!! It was my mom's good friend's daughter who was getting married, and I've known the bride since we were young kids. She looked stunning, wearing both a modern wedding gown and a traditional Vietnamese wedding dress with headdress. I'm not sure how she feels about having her images splashed on the web, so I won't show you the pics, but trust me, she looked stunning. I adore weddings. They're always so emotional, and the love is just overflowing and overwhelming.

I was very reluctant, but my mom insisted that I go up and try to catch the bouquet. I stood as far back as I could, and still, the bouquet went right to me!! Hah, I just nonchalantly stepped out of the way, and let the other more eager girls fight over it.

Before I go, let me leave you with a couple shots of my mom. She wore a traditional Vietnamese dress which she had custom made for her, then for weeks on end, she spent time embellishing it. My mom sewed on all the flowers, and also added beading and crystals to the dress. I don't have a close up shot, but the dress is crazy intricate, and she's designed it spectacularly. I have such a talented mom!

Don't tell on us, but my mom and I picked flowers from the grounds, and tucked them behind our ears, just to add a bit of festivity!


  1. beautiful pictures!! You got some great shots of the winery. wish we could have taken more around the winery. we totally missed out on all of it cuz we didn't have enough time to roam around :( we only stayed in one area.

  2. @Chi...Oh, that's too bad!!! It was so pretty around there. I'm sure you guys still got good shots though :)



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