.. albuquerque adventure ..

I'm sad to have been away from the blog for so long...it's been almost a month now!! My sincerest apologies, dear readers. I'm back though, and wanted to share with you a few pics from Albuquerque. I was there a week ago visiting my little brother. We ate so, so much. Not that you need or want to know, but I felt so bloated the whole time I was there. Totally worth it though. It's best to indulge as much as you can when traveling. Unfortunately, I kept forgetting my camera everywhere we went, so I can't really show you the food, or very much else. I did go shooting for the first time--just targets and zombies, no living things, of course--and that was just spectacular. I have pretty awesome aim for a first timer!!

It's extremely hot over there right not, but thankfully, it's dry not humid. I can't get enough of the puffy clouds!

 Got a couple of head shots in. Just to pump myself up, I would shout, "Die zombie!", before firing.

This is the motel where they filmed some pivotal scenes from Breaking Bad. Fans of the show will recognize it, for sure!! Albuquerque has a booming film industry, and we were on the lookout for Samuel L. Jackson and Jeremy Renner (currently filming there), but no luck! 

Let's end with food!! Delicious frozen custard sundae with blueberries and almonds. Yum.

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