.. fun at the airport ..

I love traveling with my wife. She makes it...hmmm...thinking of the right word. Well lets say she makes it more. More what, you might ask. Just more...fancy?

We all know that we can't bring liquids past the TSA security check point. My wife decides to challenge the rule... She thinks she is special. I am to blame for that mindset. I think I make her feel special. She tries to convince the officer to allow her not to waste the unopened bottle of water. The man says he can't accept anything from the travelers. So naturally my lovely wife asks another officer who, thankfully took the bottle off my wife's hands and tosses it into the recycle bin sitting right in front of my wife.

So we are through and on our way to the gate...thought I was home free. Sad, sad thought. When you travel from the island back to the mainland you go through another checkpoint; the agricultural one. You can't bring fruits or plants, etc. back. My beautiful wife decided to bring a huge sack of oranges to eat while on the plane. So to cut this happy story short, imagine my wife sitting in front of the gate, stuffing five oranges down her mouth, while I am forced to watch. Classic wife shenanigans.


  1. Five oranges! That sounds pretty amazing.

  2. In Soviet Russia, brides do what they're told. Or they're shot. Or we just watch the NFL on a stolen satellite and drink vodka while she cleans the kitche. What?


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