.. twilight and me = marriage 101 | introduction ..

Hi Everyone! This is my very first post. I'm excited to be part of this creative bubble and what a great place this is as I know we all have tons of things we fancy! I am one of the lucky ones to have ADHD figuratively so I fancy everything and all things all the time, especially food and travel and of course LOVE and all things ROMANTIC...soon you will all get to know me and Twilight (my hubby) a little more. I've given him this name to disguise his identity. And...hopefully through our posts, you will be able to gain a bit more insight into the specialties of being married. Until next time this is LadyLove (Mrs. Romantic)


  1. This is great!! Love it. Hope you don't mind, I changed the formatting of your title to match all of our posts.

  2. hehe, love the bit about disguising twilight's identity.


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