.. side to side ..

Just groove with it. Oh yeah.

Note | Completely useless post, but I'm a bit peeved as I had a brilliant post idea (I'm serious!), but old age has won again. The battle rages on.

Note 2 | I did some last minute Christmas shopping today at the world's greatest mall, and happened to pick up some aubergine birds about six inches tall decked out with feathers and beady eyes. They are eerily lifelike and I cannot wait to use them to complete my artistic masterpiece. I plan on using five of the birds. Follow up post--the big reveal--to come in the next several days.

I forgot to mention that these birds were half off! So, only about $4 a pop. The sales clerk told me that because they were on clearance, it was final sale just to make sure I really wanted them. I caressed one of my birds and told her there was no way I was taking these babies back. They were mine!

Hmm, I should go back for the rest of them. I wouldn't want any of them to feel abandoned.


  1. Are you going to remake your own Hitchcock movie!? 'Bird Poop: #1 or #2' the movie.

    Or will the birds be hanging themselves in protest of global warming!? Oh poor birds.

    I think that perhaps your surprise will be grander than I can imagine. Maybe it'll be a gift for someone special. Maybe that person doesn't deserve it because they they put both feet in their mouth. But surely they'd accept such a gift graciously.

    Or maybe your art deserves to be in MoMA.

    -Arrrrgggghhhhhh!? The exclamatory/confused pirate.

  2. I dare not tell! Hehe, and maybe that special someone will get the gift...or maybe not. Realistically, it depends on how the thing turns out. Let's be honest, you don't want some amateurish fowl art ;)

    Thanks for your comment, pirate.


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