.. gaudy gold timepieces ..

Anyone who knows me, is likely to have heard me talk about my love for gaudy, gold, men's style watches. Think about it...You'd make such a statement wearing a more classic, sophisticated ensemble and then throwing in that extra pop with a gold watch. The juxtaposition of style and tone (e.g., mixing masculine and feminine, classic and trendy, hard and soft) completely makes the outfit in my opinion.

Posted below, is a watch that I recently purchased from Gilt Groupe, made by Betsey Johnson. I'm into it. It has some sparkle, and a couple of stellar details--in a heart and flower motif. I recently wore this watch with an amethyst silk dress (alice & olivia) with textured black tights, gray suede booties, and a persimmon colored wool coat (anthropologie). Seems like a lot, but everything worked. The mix of colors, textures, fabric, and detail really took it to the next level. The watch gave it that extra edge I wanted, since the rest of the outfit was very pretty and romantic.

Style Tip | Be on the lookout for watches similar to this in secondhand shops. They'll go for cheap, and often all you have to do is resize it and/or change the batteries out. It's worth it. Some of my best accessories were purchased for under $5. I'll do a series one of these days of some great secondhand/vintage finds.

P.S. | Sorry, no picture of the outfit in question, but I will try to get myself in it again, once I'm back to the picture of health.


  1. I like your Flava Flav lite timepiece yo!

  2. Thanks! And you're a follower now. How special and momentous :)


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