.. love languages ..

There are five key love languages (or ways) that we communicate and receive love
And here they are...

1) words of affection
2) touch
3) quality time
4) acts of service
5) gifts

I value all five highly and feel these are all necessary throughout the relationship to feel actively loved....however, for me, "words of affection" and "touch" should be present everyday...as these two methods should come quite easily however the person also need to be consciously and actively in the moment for this to be sincere. Others may feel differently...but that's what I believe.

What I love are the days of courtship and wooing...where affection was poured onto me infinitely and unexpectedly....and now I sometimes find myself hoping for the continual romance and declarations of love...and how do I communicate this need of mine?

Well I put this into practice: "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you"...

So I say loving words daily to my Twilight....hoping to receive loving words too...but it doesn't happen...he's too clever...he just tells me that I'm saying it to fetch for some words back...even though I feel most loved through "words of affection", my dear husband may feel these words are empty and easy while as actions are more honest and sincere (this suggest to me that his primary love language is "acts of service"). So lesson to learn....know your love languages and remember his may be different...and when you find an effective way to get lots of lovin....let me know.

You can learn more about the love languages and take a quiz here on Gary Chapman's site, author of The 5 Love Languages.

Till next time this is Ladylove Mrs Romantic, let us all show our love continually and sincerely and practice all 5 of them constantly : )

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  1. Great post. So cute! And you're right on about people expressing their love in different ways.


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