.. obey addendum ..

As promised, here are a couple things I got from the Obey warehouse sale.

Double Dutch Dress
Purchased | $20
Online sale price | $40
Retail | $98.

Side note | Weird, this chick above looks like Alyssa Milano (Did you know she--Alyssa, that is--has really hairy arms?)

Captain's Daughter Fleece
Purchased | $40

Athene Jacket
Purchased | $40
Online sale price | $70
Retail | $96

Whereabouts Sweater
Purchased | $25
Retail (current) | $98

From those pictures above, it would seem as though I only chose a black and gray palette. Boring, indeed. Not much color was available since they were selling a lot of winter items, but I managed to throw in color with the tops and cardigans that I bought.

Of note, I got 13 pairs of super soft t-shirts (men and women's), but I won't post pictures of those. It's not the design I'm impressed by but rather the ultra soft material. 1x | $10. 5x | $40. 10x | $70.

The sale is still happening now, and will continue on through Saturday.

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