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Yay, it's my first post. I have absolutely nothing interesting to contribute, so I will write about some random thoughts.

1. Mondays after long weekends are always the worst. This week will also be a short week, so I can only imagine how horrible next week is going to be. Imagine having to work a full 5 day week, absolutely horrible. I hate working full-time.

2. 2nd Annual Snowboarding Trip. I was able to find the house that we rented last year, and I got an awesome deal for it. The man we rented from last year actually remembered me, which I was very happy about. I get happy about stupid things.

3. Christmas lights after Christmas is weird. My dad has had the lights up from before Thanksgiving and still has them turned on as of yesterday. Geez, I believe in getting in the Christmas spirit, but really? a month and some?

4. Believing in Santa Clause, good or bad? My little sister is 10 years old and recently found out that Santa does not exist. It was very hard for me to bite my tongue for the past 5 years when she has written letters to Santa. Maybe some of you might think that she was just playing along, but she completely wasn't. Last year, she asked for a Wii for Christmas, so I proceeded to tell her that it's expensive. To which her reply was, "but the Elves make it." Elves???? Maybe I'm just bitter because nobody bothered to make me believe in Santa Clause.

On a brighter note, Christmas this year was awesome! I got to spend it with all my loved ones and had a great time getting fat. I can't believe it's almost 2010. Happy end of 2009, everybody!


  1. Hey, Jen! I took the liberty of putting spaces in for you, thinking that maybe you were having trouble with that on your editor (this happened to Esther as well). Very presumptuous of me! If you wanted it back like before, I'll change it back for you :)

    If the spacing isn't working for you, go into settings and make sure you're using the updated editor rather than the old editor. That should fix the problem.

  2. Gotcha, thank you very much! Not being presumptuous at all, I was very sad when the format turned out like that.

  3. Excellent post, don't be so hard on your little sis.


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