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Admittedly, no one needs to acquire any more things after the holidays. I still have boxes of thing strewn across my room and in my car. Secretly, I think I like having all those gifts around me...makes me feel festive!

The thing is, we always want to acquire more. It's hard to pass up all the great after Christmas deals. On Gilt Groupe today, they have their big Women's Final Sale. Such great deals from those designer brands you love but can't afford. I didn't get anything on Gilt today (my discipline won out!), but I did visit Gilt Fuse yesterday and bought a couple things at bargain basement deals. Gilt Fuse is a bit more affordable and tends to trend younger.

Let me share with you a piece I got yesterday.

Twinkle by Wenlen | Pleat Floral Dress
Purchased | $44
Retail | $347.60

Pretty good deal. Certainly not the best I've come across, but not too shabby! I spy pockets. Very fancy, indeed.

Oh, crap I just realized that I overlooked the accessories sale from both sites. Now, a lot of the good stuff is gone already! Guess, my wallet is breathing a sigh of relief.

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