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This Emanuel Ungaro bag is adorable, and I'm not even a huge bag person. Blasphemous, I know! Don't get me wrong, I appreciate and like handbags, but I probably like having my hands, arms, and shoulders free even more.

I have to say, purple is my favorite, but as I mentioned in my previous post, I overlooked the accessories on Gilt. I probably wouldn't haven't gotten it anyway, since it's still pretty steep, but now that's is sold, I'm regretting my lack of action. Lose, lose situation, really.

Emanuel Ungaro | Large Leather Satchel
On Sale | $198
Retail | $1450

Look at that! Bright magenta lining. I die for colorful lining. And those pretty petal pleats. Just darling.                                                


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  3. This is a really nice bag, the purple color is so nice and the interior lining definitely puts the bag in the "It's justified to buy now",...
    that extra detail always gets me.. ..these impulse sites are too dangerous....it makes you pressured into buying due to the limited time offer and extreme discounts...thankfully they sell out during the time we contemplate in putting it in the cart to purchase...
    good find!

  4. I know! They only give you 10 minutes to decide. It's crazy!! I wish I had gotten this bag. It's so pretty and super discounted. I tried looking for it elsewhere, but no luck :(


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