.. top chef finale, oh my ..

I know there are some absolutely nutso DVR viewers out there*, so I won't reveal the winner of last night's finale until after the jump...

* Yes, I'm still operating under the illusion that I have readers. Heh, no I'm not delusional, just being proactive for when I'm ready to tell people about this fancy blog.

Yes, Mike V. Oh, bother. I really wish it had been sweet, darling Kevin. If you've read Tom Colicchio's blog, then you know that Michael won two of the four finale courses, making him the rightful winner of Season 6. So yeah, Mike's an ass, but truth is though, he's an incredibly innovative and talented chef. Any one of them could have walked away as Top Chef winner, and deservedly so. I have to say, I'm still stinging from Jen's ousting last week. Wish she could have made a triumphant comeback to win it all!

Most importantly though, how great would it be to be a judge on that show? Seriously, a dream!

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