.. woohoo, kindle! uhoh ..

I've been on a high for the last several weeks, furiously buying e-books and reading them on my Kindle. Since I got it, it has not left my side, and I'll tell anyone who gives me the time of day, how awesome and revolutionary this has been for me.

Unfortunately, my happy bubble burst today. I decided to look up B&N's Nook (which debuted days after I purchased my Kindle) and am now experiencing a case of buyer's remorse. My poor Kindle does not deserve this! I don't want you to think that I didn't do my proper research before purchasing the Kindle, as I had. I swear. I failed to look at the Nook though because it's a first generation device and I'm almost an exclusive Amazon buyer over B&N.

This was a mistake. A huge mistake. The Nook seems to have all the features I love about my Kindle--browse books anywhere, anytime using free wireless connectivity, easy-to-read screen, user friendly, etc.--but more. The Nook has a color LCD touch screen at the bottom for browsing and you're able to lend books to friends!

I'm weeping a bit right now, but will not leave my Kindle in the dust. I still have a love affair with it, but I'm afraid it may be short-term. I so hope Kindle comes up with something that kills the Nook next year, or I might have to change my alliances.

More on Kindle vs. Nook...

P.S. By the way, the Nook is a lame name. Yeah, that's right, I had to get my little dig in there.

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