.. cushy job ..

I was watching a Lakers game yesterday and it occurred to me that I'd totally love being an NBA referee! You get to travel, watch the games, and I think the pay is great! Let's not even mention the fact that I could become friends with Dick Bavetta, and share some laughs with Kobe. Yes! You must go on over to Dick Bavetta's Wikipedia page. What a life! According to Wikipedia, he has never missed a game assigned to him, and he earns more than $200,000 a year.

You know, I can't recall seeing one female NBA referee. Why is that?? I think there's an opening just for me. My boyfriend doesn't think so at all. Plus, he says that you have to have substantial experience refereeing before you can make it to the NBA. Personally, I'm only interested in making it to the top; no small time games for me.

The other dilemma I have is all the running that's required for the job. I like running, but only when it involves running towards something amazing (e.g., food, clothes, a loved one). I think a Segway might be the perfect solution.

Well, wish me luck on this new endeavor.

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  1. There was a female NBA ref. Not sure if she is still with them.

  2. Her name is Violet Palmer and she no longer refs the NBA. "On May 28, 2009, Palmer was hired as coordinator of women's basketball officials for the West Coast Conference." - Wikipedia


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