.. putting in the hours ..

The big celebrity story circulating the media has to do with Warren Beatty's nether regions (sorry, the link does not take you to his nether regions, but rather an article discussing said activity down there). There's a new biography out, by Peter Biskind, which claims that Warren slept with "12,775, give or take, a figure that does not include daytime quickies, drive-bys, stolen kisses and so on." This quote is pretty hilarious, given we don't know how many we should "give or take" and I'm also not quite sure what is implied by "drive-bys"...sounds fairly dangerous. Warren's people deny that the biography is authorized in any way by him.

In truth, it doesn't interest me much how many people Beatty has slept with. It did get me thinking though that he must be exhausted.

I guess some people may have wanted a piece of that. His squinty eye, pouty lip look is meant to denote sexiness. It can be a powerful weapon, ladies.

Image via Answers via The FreshSite


  1. I'd do him and let Buster watch. - Liza Minnelli

  2. I think you've been there, done that, Liza.


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