.. in desperate need of laughter ..

I need a laugh right now. It's that or drink myself into a stupor, and I haven't ruled that option out yet.

So, here goes...This is from Arrested Development, and it's such a little thing when you think about all the funny moments from the show. Kind of ridiculous, really, but I die every time I think about it.

There were a number of episodes that featured Bob Loblaw, played by Scott Baio. He was the Bluth family lawyer, a replacement for Barry Zuckerkorn.

I love saying "Bob Loblaw" because it's sounds like "Blah-Blah-Blah." I don't know why that's so funny to me, but it is! Just trips me out...

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  1. I am so funny Jennifer and you noticed, kudos to you! I loved me in Charles in Charge; me was like a TV nanny. My moms was out selling crackizzle. Can't blame her. She didn't have a TV nanny named Scott Baio to guide her in her development. I wish they didn't cancel this show. My agent won't even call me back. Ok, off to the strip club for Taco Tuesday.

    - Scott Baio


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