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I have this absolutely awesome recipe book from the 50's. It's a gem, really. The title is "Mary Meade's Magic Recipes for the Electric Blender" by Ruth Ellen Church. The name says it all.

I'd like to post a recipe from the book, and I'll have you know I found this gem by randomly picking a page in the book. Really, pick any page of the book and you'll be rewarded handsomely.

Quoted directly from the book...

The Morning's Morning
(1 drink)
First drink of the day

1/5 ounces cognac
3/4 ounce creme de cacao
3/4 ounce Jamaican rum
1 egg
1 teaspoon sugar
5 ounces milk
cracked ice

Blend until well mixed but not too frothy, and strain out ice. This goes into a 12-ounce glass and gets a topping of nutmeg. If you make 2 at once, use 2 eggs. One won't do for 2 drinks as in most other cocktails.

Wow. I now know where Sandra Lee got all her food/cocktail training.

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