.. signs of 2012? ..

I'm not sure if you're as phobic as I am....but do you notice yourself thinking every time a natural disaster happens in another part of the world, that it will happen in our land sooner and sooner.  The predictions of 2012 may not be the end of the world, but maybe the end of our daily world of security and peace and abundance.  Our daily lives would not involve worrying about paying our bills or getting to work on time but of striving to survive from the chaos in our land and social structure and relearning all the basic skills of living.

Nothing fancy with that thought in our minds....but we can send out prayers for comfort and peace and for help to the Haitians and everyone around that has been affected by the very devestating 7.3 quake.  You can also donate and support disaster relief in Haiti by following this link.

Keep our thoughts with them and love and cherish all that's around us.

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