.. fancy du jour | 02.11.10 ..

I love Madalena and want to take her home with me! She's so feisty and fluffly. She's a Pekapoo. Just that name alone! How can you not love her??

Here's Todd. I love him, too. Just a tiny little thing, but he gets into scruffs with all the bigger pups in the store. Oh my god, look at his little face. He'd get away with anything.

They're currently hanging out at Puppy Shop Boys


  1. My little doggies...you have to buy one. I'll chip in $299 :)

  2. No no, you'd be a better mother than I would be a father. I want to be the uncle that's really their biological father that's in and out of their lives.

  3. http://www.puppyshopboys.com/1238.html

    OZZY! Get him for your mama. ;)



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