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Pupuseria San Sivar | Cost Mesa, CA | 02.26.10

I had lunch the other day at San Sivar and got a little carried away. There were only two of us and we ordered six dishes to share. However, they brought us out an extra dish (roasted chicken), which they mistakenly thought we had ordered as well. I don't consider that a bad service issue, so much as a language issue. Our waitress only spoke Spanish and my Spanish is elementary, at best. Instead of sending the chicken back, we devoured it instead. Lucky for us, one of my brothers joined us for lunch and we were able to get through the meal intact.

I read the great Yelp reviews and wanted to try for myself. The restaurant features El Savadorian specialties, but also has some Mexican staples as well.

I first discovered pupusas on The Food Network, and was determined to get my hands on one. They have several different varieties of these fried corn cakes. We ordered pupusas filled with cheese and fried pork bits (to die for!), and also one with bean and cheese. The best thing about this is the side of pickled cabbage and carrots that are served with the pupusas. It's the perfect melding of tart and sweet, with crispy, cheesy goodness.

The fried pork with yuca was amazing. I think it was fried pork shoulder. So good. The steak was fabulous. So savory, primarily due to the adobo-like sauce. The chicken soup definitely felt homecooked, although a bit on the greasy side, the broth was full of flavor.

We ordered a chocolate con leche to-go and enjoyed that with some girl scout cookies in the car. I would have ordered dessert at the store, but I think seven dishes was probably our limit. Our waitress was so funny. She was looking at us like we were slightly deranged, since we kept calling her back to order more and more dishes. One after another the dishes kept piling up!

Rating | O O O O

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