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I've been catching up on House and I realized that I've been totally missing out on some great episodes!

In "The Down Low" (S6.E11), Wilson and House have permanently moved in together and Wilson tries to get it on with one of his neighbors, but she mistakenly believes that House and Wilson are gay lovers. Instead of setting the record straight, House pretends to be gay in order to get into her pants (too convoluted and brilliant to explain here).

In one scene, he opens a package in front of her and it just happens to be a giant sized "Chorus Line" poster. Later in the episode, House invites her to an Evita party. So good! To get back at House, Wilson proposes marriage to him in front of the comely neighbor and the look that House shoots Wilson is priceless. When House finally confesses his hoax, he admits that he did it all for a touch of her boobs. Classic.

Lest you forget that this show is set in a hospital, here's a line that totally slayed me. But first, some context: In a prior episode this season, Chase was responsible for killing an evil patient by suffocating him with a pillow (some melodramatic soapy stuff, for sure). In this episode, House instructs Chase to run some tests on a patient they believe to be a drug dealer. Before leaving, he tells chase, "You're okay with that, right? You're not gonna put a pillow over his face?"

Hehe, snarky. There were so many other awesome moments. There's a great scene where House interrogates the patient's associate all 24 style, but doesn't get anywhere. They start talking in code as the associate maintains that they're in the textile business, not the drug business. Watch the episode to hear all about the culottes (love that word, by the way).

Rating | O O O O

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