.. valentine's day madness ..

I swear Valentine's Day is one of the most contentious of all the holidays! I love how guys pout about how it's a faux holiday designed by the man to suck you dry of your hard earned salary...Blah, blah, blah!! Or they'll throw out some crap about how, "Everyday is Valentine's with you, baby!" Please. I'll have you know that my boyfriend knows better than to say that to me. Hehe.

I say, go out, have fun, drink, and have a merry time. I always love an excuse to celebrate and this is no different.

Here's a little something you could get for her as well. From Sanrio no less and ridiculously expensive! It's crazy how popular these Hello Kitty pieces are. They're cute but definitely not worth the price tag. You can comfort yourself with the fact that it's real diamond and stone, but come on!

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