.. bathroom scrawl ..

Again, I was caught without a camera on hand, and no, I didn't bring my phone into the restroom! Well, usually there's nothing I really want to remember from one of those visits. This time though, I was sadly unprepared.

A lot of bars tend to have dingy restrooms with tons of permanent marker graffiti on it. I'm happy to report that the women's restroom at The Crosby is no different. I've been to this particular establishment several times, but this was my first visit to the women's restroom. Apparently, I had been using the men's restroom this whole time without realizing it! In my defense, the women's restroom is way at the far end of the bar. I was luckily guided to the right place by a waiter working nearby.

I happened to catch the best little marker scrawling that ever was, and it just happened to be in this restroom.

There was a large heart and in the heart, someone wrote and I'm paraphrasing, "You can never look forward to the future or dwell in the past. You can only enjoy the present." I mean, that's a nice little sentiment, especially in a bar. Usually it's more along the lines of "Call me for a good time..." or "Stacy's a whore," etc.

This is not the good part though! At some later date, someone else decided to come by and sign this little diddy with, "Functionally Challenged Person."

Sorry, I know that was a lot of build up for something that wasn't that good, but still, it gave me a chuckle.

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