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I was lucky enough to go to a Quinceañera party this weekend (Thanks, Regina!), and it didn't disappoint. I've always wanted to have a Quinceañera of my own. Just think about the dress and the tiara, and all the fun! I'm not 15 anymore, but should that really stop me??

Anyways, this Quinceañera was really sweet. Her whole family had gathered to celebrate her coming of age, and offered her jewelry, gifts, etc. There were a lot of different aspects to the ceremony. For example, she was advised by the pastor to not take after the terrible youth of today, but rather to me a model for others (e.g., no sex and babies before marriage). She nodded her head in understanding the whole way through. We missed it, but she was to also take the dance floor with her brothers in celebration.

After the more formal aspects of the Quinceañera , we moved to the food component of the night. Oh my, it was delicious!! They had braised chicken covered in molé sauce with rice, beans, and fresh tortillas. I was dipping that tortilla in the molé sauce like crazy. It was so good and I wanted seconds, but just didn't trust myself to not keel over from stuffing my face.

Her family had prepared dinner for 100 people or more, so there were massive cooking vessels, each filled to the brim with these amazing dishes. I was in heaven.

Image via Gherkins and Tomatoes

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