.. fancy du jour | 03.17.10 ..

Josh Charles on The Good Wife is so good! I was watching the show tonight and his performance was ridiculous...I was all aflutter. Hehe. He was so good on Sports Night way back when and he's just gotten better with age.

He's all confident, sexy lawyer on the show who totally kicks ass in the court room, and then uses his soft, sultry voice and eyes on Juliana Marguiles. They have a bit of an unrequited love thing going on. Anyways, enough gushing, but he and Juliana Marguiles are great on The Good Wife. You expect it to be a typical law drama, but it goes and surprises you.

Watch the latest episode. There's this scene between Will and Alicia (i.e., Charles and Marguiles) where he asks her why she came back to his office? They're just both so torn and conflicted, and he ultimately leaves feeling like they've always had bad timing. Haha, I know this is sounding very soapy, but it was an intense scene, and very well acted. It's all in the eyes! I'm crazy.

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