.. lost recon! ..

Yay, got myself a lot of Sawyer tonight!  Loved this episode because it beautifully set up so many things in play and we got to see sideways Sawyer be a lawman instead of a conman, but still to the same end. Josh Holloway is great. Love that twinkle in his eye, and looks like he's determined to take the submarine trip off the island no matter what! One loss chance with Juliet, but another opportunity with Kate tagging along.

There will be some out there who will likely complain about the episode, but don't undervalue a set-up episode such as this. It left me wanting more, it was thought-provoking, and I admit it, Sawyer time is primetime.

Read Jeff Jensen's teaser article before his full recap tomorrow.

P.S. | Had no idea he was a colgne model! Figures.

Image via Mimi Frou Frou

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