.. downtown santa ana! ..

Esther and I had so much fun today in Santa Ana. We had a great lunch at Mil Jugos, and took some fun pictures while we enjoyed the sunshine and breeze. 

We're determined to share more pictures and fun with you, dear readers. It's not typical for us to take pictures when we're out and about, but we wanted to share more of this kind of personal goodness with you guys. It's definitely motivated us to put our great wardrobes to better use, since I'm afraid we've both gotten a bit lazy and comfortable with black leggings and loose tunics. Hopefully, we'll be able to keep this up. We'd love to also showcase the great vintage clothes we have in our shop.

Hehe, I confess that I'm no natural in front of the camera. I get really embarrassed, and I think Esther does as well. She's going to kill me for repeating this, but she kept saying to me that she "didn't want to look like a harbor hooker." I'm dying over it now! It's just so funny and endearing, because she's so not hookerish.

At any rate, we had a wonderful time! We hope you enjoy the post, because we'd love to share more with you. Esther has a couple of videos of us as well, so we'll post those when we can. When we exited the freeway, there was the most adorable little chihuahua running down the on-ramp toward the freeway and we were so scared for his safety. We decided to get back on the freeway to try to rescue him. For now, we'll keep you in suspense regarding the conclusion of that story. You'll just have to wait for the video!

Now, on to the pictures...

Here's what I wore | H&M cream floral applique dress and floral tights from the garden collection, Obey leather jacket, BCBG cement ruffle booties, silver bangles, antique gemstone ring, aviator sunglasses (can't remember the brand/make), and Marc by Marc Jacobs midnight blue sasha leather crossbody bag.

With the frilly dress, tights, and shoes, I wanted to finish the outfit with a more masculine harder edge--leather jacket, crossbody bag, and silver bangles. I kept the accessories to a minimum, given the plethora of floral and ruffle adornment already present in my look! Oh, and I have to mention that the tights got a lot of attention today. One man even came by and told us that from far away, he thought they were tattoos. Heh.

Here's what Esther wore | AX thin purple tank, 575 dark skinny jeans, gap drape cardigan, vintage belt, antique lion pendant (this was a gift from Christian to me!), gold and cream beaded necklace, Tiffany necklace, Cynthia Rowley metallic peep toe heels, vintage art deco purse with shoulder strap, and Tom Ford sunglasses.

Esther was going for a classic meets modern take on jeans and a tank. She perfectly mixed the beautiful jewel tone in her tank with vibrant gold jewelry and belt. I love that color combination...so rich and feminine. Her art deco bag brought that extra bit of sparkle and polish to the outfit.

Now, if you're not sick of us yet, you can go to our Flickr for more pictures!


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