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As you may have surmised, food is one of my greatest loves in life (and I'm not exaggerating). Take a look at what Esther and I ate during our little adventure yesterday.

We started with lunch at Fukada (Thoai joined us), before heading to Orange, CA. It's healthy and I really like the brown rice--nutty, chewy goodness. Esther's tuna and rice was pretty delicious. My katsu pork was okay, not stellar but pretty good. The noodle soups are good for a cold day, but they're a bit one note in terms of flavoring.

Tuna with brown rice.

 Noodles in hot broth with mountain vegetables.

Stewed pork belly.

We then went to Orange, spent some time at one of the larger antique malls, and then decided we needed a break. My feet were killing me, we both needed to pee, and a snack and something to drink was just what we wanted.

Esther and I had recently talked about how much we love tea, scones, and wee tea sandwiches. Well, we were in luck!! Paris in a Cup is nestled in amongst the shops. They have a great selection of teas, and you definitely feel transported to another place when you're there! Normally, we'd do the whole tea experience, but since we had just eaten lunch, we decided against it. This was a proud moment of restraint for me. It was certainly fun to sit there all prim and proper with our tea and scones.

The teas are tasty; the scones are just okay. I really liked the cream and boysenberry preserves though. A couple of times, I just had a taste of the cream by itself. Is that gross? No.

We're making sure not to post or take any more pictures of me eating food. Last time, Esther photographed me eating an arepa, and then she said to me, "Oh no, you looked like an animal!" Ahahahah, I wish she hadn't deleted it. I would've totally put it up for a vote.

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