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I love to cook and usually I just kind of do my own thing and it turns out pretty well. I've been cooking for as long as I can remember, first helping my mom in the kitchen with prep work and then moving on to creating my own dishes. I'm not really a big recipe user, but I think recipes can certainly be helpful and also inspire people to make their own versions of certain dishes. For me, one of the things that's fun is just to sort of experiment in the kitchen, make new dishes, and have other people enjoy the end result!

I've been saying this for awhile, but I'm going to try to actually put it into action. I'd like to film some segments with me in the kitchen. I think it'll be really fun. Now, I can't promise specific recipes, because I usually just do it by feel and taste, but I'll definitely go through the process with you, and include important ingredients, tips, and notes.

It's not important that you do it exactly the same each time, but rather that you develop a sense of how you want something to taste, and what you should do to get that result (e.g., a little more salt here, a little squeeze of honey or citrus there, etc.). Creating a harmonious balance of flavors is important.

So, since I enjoy cooking, I thought it'd be cool to share one of my hobbies with you, dear readers. In the meantime though, enjoy this video of "the perfect fried chicken."

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