.. OFT Update | 04.24.10 ..

I've snazzed up the OFT far right sidebar, just for you, dear readers. You'll find pretty new navigation buttons in a rainbow of colors. That's how I like it. Vibrant and fun.

I'll have you know that when my boyfriend called me tonight, I just kept on working. Don't think me a heartless fool, as I did pick up the phone to talk to him, but my fingers were still tap tap tapping away. That's multi-tasking for you. I think that in the course of the conversation I may have agreed to go to a corsetted brunch with him tomorrow, as well as an art show exploring occultism and parapsychology. Nice! Now, I don't vouch for the accuracy of said statements, given my preoccupation with bright colors, but I think that's what ended up happening. It figures. Heh.

Well, enough rambling...Hope you're partial to the new improvements!!

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