.. love for hong kong baked goods ..

After two very hectic weeks, I've arrived back in sunny Orange County, CA and back home close to my hubby again :)  I didn't realize how fortunate I was to grow up in a family run grocery store, with a full on bakery and bakery chef available to me everyday....yum yum....we sell Cantonese specialty baked goods to our fellow Ohioans and it makes us feel a bit closer to the far away city of Hong Kong. Here are some pics of my favorite baked goods :)

Sesame balls filled with coconut and mung bean, or red bean!

Rolled cake with pork sung and green onion.

My favorite, sponge cake in paper cups!!!!!

Macaroon tart with cherry on top.

These are "Old Wife Cakes"...Phyllo pastry filled with melon!

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