.. frolicking in the fields ..

As I mentioned in the last post, Esther and I had the best photo session yesterday!! There are a lot of photographs to go through, as we were able to fit in a couple of outfit changes! In this post, I'll just focus on our first outfits. This should likely be the most put together looks, since we thought about accessories, shoes, etc. I hope you love them. We've made an effort to wear some pieces that you'll be able to have for yourself from the OFT shop!

So, as always, we were totally acting cuckoo. Some guy came around the bend and we were completely spooked. Here we were digging our way through brush and wild foliage in a public area, so things weren't exactly on the up and up. At one point, I saw a cop car pull into the parking lot and was absolutely convinced that he was there to yell at us. Yeah, not so much. Apparently, we're not as menacing looking as I think we are.

You never notice in the pictures, but it's funny to think about the reality of these situations. We're just a couple of girls, all dressed up, and trying to act like nothing's out of the ordinary, while people walk about here and there, and look at us in confusion and wonderment. Hahaha, so far we've been fairly strategic about our photo locales and haven't been too much in the public eye. That's for the best, since I'm pretty sure the two of us would just freeze up in total mortification.

It was hilarious though, because we did walk through a crowded shopping center earlier in the day to grab a bite at Veggie Grill, and we were totally attracting stares. Esther and I had our huge cameras around our necks, dressed less than casual, and walking like we meant business (i.e., on the hunt for food).

Seriously, I have to work on my rambling. Without further ado, here are some of the photos (click to enlarge) from the green lush fields of beautiful California!


Here's what I'm wearing...vintage black blazer (available here!), vintage black sweater dress (will soon be available at the OFT shop), Hue purple tights from Anthropologie, Dolce Vita booties with gold studs, vintage gold necklace and bracelet, Paul and Joe Sister purple bag, and vintage wayfarer-like sunglasses. Here again, I'm mixing masculine and feminine, and playing with textures--the thicker wool against the soft tights with a slight sheen and then paired with some rough hardware on the booties. Now that I'm looking at the shoes, I'm not convinced they totally work with the outfit. I love those booties, but I think I could have chosen something better suited to the outfit. Also, I think there may have been too much black for the camera to pick up the subtle differences. It definitely looked better in person.

Esther's wearing a Forever 21 floral romper, French Connection black knit cardigan, t-strap sandals from Urban Outfitters, Benetton scarf, Ferragamo sunglasses, and LV bag. Her look is spring personified. She looked right at home in the fields, and the bag and sunglasses brought a touch of elegance and sophistication to the fun, flirty look. I just love the movement in the scarf and romper skirt.

P.S. | Sorry, I didn't bother to edit the photos again. This is turning into a trend, but it's because I'm so eager to share the photographs with you! I'll post more on our Flickr tomorrow!


  1. ooh i adore your floral, and those black booties are ammazing ;)

  2. Thanks so much!! I do love those booties...I think I try to find every excuse to wear them out!

  3. These are beautiful photos <3! Glad that you put your camera to good use already :):) xo

  4. Thanks, Jess! I'm excited to learn how to really use it!!

  5. Yeah, and it's super cute on Esther!

  6. great photos! Have you heard of chictopia.com? you should create an account to promote your outfits. that site has tons of fashion obsessed members.

  7. I have!! I usually visit lookbook.nu, which is the same concept as chictopia. When I get a chance, I'm definitely going to make an account with one or both of the sites. Thanks for the info!!


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