.. my new camera arrived!! ..

OMG, I am so, so happy right now. My new Canon EOS 50D camera finally came today! Esther and I had the best photo session with it*, which I'll be posting about this weekend. There's so much I need to learn regarding the camera, but even with my lame skills, the photographs still turned out amazing. Woohoo!!

 Here's a little preview...

So much more to come! Have a great friday night!

* In regards to it being the best photo session ever...Pretty much, we laughed and made fun of each other the whole time. We tried posing, but probably failed miserably. Although, Esther was crazy good today with the poses. She says that the best poses come out of exasperation. She sighs and then it comes to her.

Hehe, I do admit that in a moment of rashness and mischievousness, I did call her "the worst model in life!" She feigned hurt, but all was good! She told me that it was hard being a model, photographer, and set designer. Ahahahah. I only said that because she wanted to quit after 45 minutes. I think it was the dehydration and heat. After taking a break and dropping by Albertson's for some refreshments, donuts, and funyuns, we were good to go. Ah, food the cure all!

Without fail, whenever we do one of these, we always fight over being the photographer, and when we're reluctantly modeling the clothes, the things that we are often heard saying is, "Am I done yet?" One day, I swear, we'll get good at this. See, you don't realize it in these photos, right?? That's because of the amazing camera, and plus we just have fun with each other. That's the only way to do this...you can't take yourself too seriously.

I have to tell you that we do like frolicking in the fields. It's amazingly beautiful, although we are sometimes subjected to weeds and thorns, mosquitoes and nats, all for you, dear readers ;) Let's hope the snakes don't join the fun anytime soon.

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