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I've been a long time Lakers fan, but I've never been to a game!! Well, this past Monday I was lucky enough to go to the Western Conference Final Game #1 between the Lakers and the Suns (thanks, Christian!), and it was such a cool experience. I wish the Lakers' fans were louder and more spirited at the Staples Center, but they were plenty excited enough in our section of the arena.

I desperately wanted to take my fancy camera with me to document the experience, but I was pretty sure they weren't going to allow it. Therefore, no good shots to share with you. Sorry. I have a couple from my point and shoot camera, which I'm posting, but I apologize for the quality in advance.

They gave out x-large Lakers t-shirts when we entered the venue, so I was happy to put mine on. Team spirit and a great way to keep your outfit clean, just in case you get a bunch of hot dog condiments spilling down the front of your clothes.

Scoreboard. The Lakers pretty much led the whole way. They did the funniest "kiss me" segment during one of the breaks, too. Ooh, and I got to do the wave about five times, so I was one happy camper.

We were pretty high up, but the view was perfect since we were situated very nicely in the middle. Great for seeing the action on both sides of the court.

Yay, hope the Lakers go all the way!! Next time I go, I'll have to try the nachos. They looked pretty good. Wow, can't get food out of my mind ever!

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