.. working hard for the fun of it! ..

I did some "real" work this morning and then it was all fun after that. I'll give you a full recap tomorrow, but here's a little preview of our shoot today. I'd love to do a full post right now, but I have some pressing matters I have to attend to (i.e., watching Lost)!

So much more to come! All of the principle pieces that we're wearing will be listed in our Etsy shop!!

P.S. | Esther was more than a little hesitant about the outfit, which I kind of coerced her into, but we wanted to feature some pieces we'll be listing in the shop. I think she looks great!! Right? Clearly, it's a distinct 80s ensemble, but wearing either the jumpsuit or the blazer with more modern pieces would easily update the outfit. I think it's fun though, to really go for a particular look sometimes.


  1. Like it! love the colour! Looking forward to see more of this shoot!



  2. Can't wait to see these on etsy! I've taken a look but the sizes are too big! I'll keep on checking!



  3. Oh, well we have plenty of things in small sizes coming up!! If you don't mind telling me your size/measurements, I'll keep an eye out for you!


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