.. neighbor shakedown ..

Never thought I'd learn the sound and cadence of a jackhammer so well. For the last two weeks now,  I've been judiciously woken up every morning by the sound of jack hammers and other very loud electrical machines humming and cacawing with delight. They're very tricky, too, because it's not a constant sound they make. That, I could learn to ignore, but it's the cyclical start and stopping of these machines, which drives me up the wall. I awake suddenly, then there's beautiful silence, and just as I'm about to fall back into a peaceful slumber, they once again screech up again.

Note, must get myself earplugs or somehow devise a way to turn off my neighbor's power.

P.S. | On a good note, my neighbor to the right, comes outside everyday during feeding time and sing-yells to his cat, "Heeeeeyyyyy, kitty kitty-yum yum!! Heeeeyyyyy, kitty kitty-yummmm yumm." I like that and now I sing it, too.

Have a wonderful hump day, peeps.

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