.. the best salad you've ever had ..

My mom is an amazing cook, and she made the most unbelievable meal the other day!! The highlight was a lotus root salad with pork belly and shrimp. This salad is crazy complicated and requires hours and hours of prep work. The lotus roots, and lightly pickled carrots and dikon radishes took forever to julienne. There were two preparations of pork belly in the dish, as well as sauteed shrimp, and some other special ingredients (e.g., roasted peanuts, herbs, preserved and thinly sliced pig ears). My mom prepared her special fish sauce, so it was perfectly seasoned...savory, tart, a touch of sweetness; just so good.

We also had a special Vietnamese Noodle dish, Mi Quang, which I've posted about before.

For dessert, we had fresh jackfruit. Amazingly sweet and potent!

 What a great meal!!


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