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A couple of days ago, Esther and I went to South Coast Plaza (my favorite mall ever), and then we just roamed about here and there for the rest of the day. Esther is very good at exerting control over my out of control buying. Heh, I guess I'll have to thank her later, but I do regret not getting a pair of sky high Pour La Victoire platform heels. They were truly amazing, but they didn't have my size, so I went a size down and they were a bit small. Oh, well.

I did get my mom some fun make-up at Bloomingdale's, including some Chanel lipstick, Shiseido stick foundation, and cream blush. Cream blush is my favorite!!! If there was only one type of make-up I could wear, it'd be blush.

Speaking of make-up, I had a gift certificate to Sephora, which I've been holding onto for six months now, so I finally decided to use it. We were accosted by a very aggressive sales person at Sephora, who decided to put random make up on us, but luckily we eventually got out of her clutches. Before we ran from her, she somehow managed to throw some product in a basket and thrust it into Esther's hands. How unfortunate! Anyhow, I did find some really cool magenta lipstick and bought some Nars cream blush. I wanted to get some True Religion super bright blush--that Esther introduced me to--but they didn't have it there. That's okay, I think I'll just stop talking about blush now.

Poor Esther wasn't feeling well, but she was a trooper all day. We ate, walked around, and awkwardly "posed." Anytime we saw someone walk by, we became enormously embarrassed. So funny, but at some point, Esther was following me around like the paparazzi and I was trying to run away from her. Of course, it resulted in some pretty ridiculous facial expressions. I don't know how these girls do it in their fashion blogs!! They always appear so natural, even in the middle of the city with tons of people around. Esther and I try to take pictures in deserted areas only. It's best for everyone involved.

I'll split this post into two. Let me show you Esther's photos first. As I mentioned earlier, she wasn't feeling that good, so we don't have that many photos of her.

Esther wore a very pretty print dress that she got from Hong Kong, a Club Monaco cardigan, black tights, striped scarf, Urban Outfitters sandals, and LV bag.

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