.. we never want to leave the fields ..

Here's part three of our "frolicking in fields" series!! This was the conclusion of our outing last week. After we spied on the other photo shoot in progress, we decided to skedaddle and make our way further down the road.

We found some more beautiful scenery to shoot in, and also happened upon a middle aged man and woman making out in the parking lot. They had both driven there separately, so I'm thinking some hanky panky affair on the down low was happening. For shame!

Anyways, Esther and I changed again in the car, picking out something else from our piles of clothes. Esther decided to be a bit of a creeper, and she took a photo of me changing. I laughed and questioned why she was looking at me while I changed. She was all, "Ugh, it's not like I can see anything. Anyways, I already have a picture." Hahaha.

This is the same day, so we're recycling some of what we already had on. I'm wearing vintage wayfarers, some MNG rhinestone earrings that I had in the car, and a LaRok pinstripe drop waist dress that I found at a thrift store. It's not vintage, so I can't sell it at our shop, but if anyone is interested in it, let me know!!

Esther is wearing the Hollister white camisole, with a beautiful vintage patterned skirt (that we'll be listing in our shop soon)!

P.S. | If you're interested, here's Part 1 and Part 2 of our outing! Thanks so much for the support. Please follow us on Bloglovin' and/or Facebook for the latest fancy.


  1. Ahhhh such a refreshing setting :)

  2. Yeah, it's a great place for a picnic!

  3. looking lovely in the field!

    stop by our fashion blog, we hope you love it..

    xx .sabo skirt.



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