.. father's day recap..

A day late, but here's the recap on Father's Day...It wasn't too crazy with the cooking on Sunday, so I only started at 2:30p or so to get everything ready by 6:30p. It was so much fun. Believe it or not, we actually made turkey for dinner, with all the fixings, too. The stuffing is my favorite, and of course, we had corn, mash potatoes, and a Mediterranean style salad. My mom had marinated tons of meat, so Thoai grilled up steak, chicken, and skewed pork meatballs. So delicious. Everything was excellent!

 It's hard to tell here, but the turkey was delicious!

My dad got some fun gifts, two of which I want to share with you. I got him a great pair of John Varvatos loafers and Ted Baker dress shoes. He loved them!! My mom tells me it's bad luck to give people you love shoes, because you're just asking them to walk away from you. So, just to be safe, my dad gave me a dollar for each pair of shoes. Hehe. I made 2 buckaroos!

We put together flowers again, just like Mother's Day. That seems more of a Mother's Day thing to do, but my dad is an expert gardener, so he appreciates stuff like that as well. We used some of his beautiful flowers from the garden, too, for our display.

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