.. kissy face ..

At basketball games, they're always busting out the "kiss me cam" during commercial breaks, and when I was at the Lakers game a couple of weeks ago, the camera accidentally focused on an older woman and a young buck, who were strangers to one another. The cameraman quickly realized his mistake, and panned over a bit, so that the older woman could kiss her mate. After that, the camera once again focused on the older woman and the twenty something man, and she was funny and bold enough to lean over and give him a smack on the lips as well.

I also remember them focusing on Dustin Hoffman, and he decided to give his wife a very passionate kiss, which elicited tons of cheers and whistles. Hehe. Well, yesterday during game 1 of the finals, Dustin once again engaged in some hot and steamy kissing, but not with his wife!

Heh, his kissing partner was Jason Bateman!!

Source | Dlisted via Splash

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  1. hahaha! too awesome! and lalalala there owen wilson just hanging there too.
    fair-weather fans I say.


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