.. shoe bargains ..

I'm a bit of a shoe fiend, to put it mildly. Plus, if I see I good shoe deal, it's almost impossible for me to resist, even if I've run out of closet space for them. My shoes are now stored in three or four different places around the house. Oh, goodness.

Anyways, I was picking up some food yesterday, and I couldn't help myself I stopped into a clothes shop nearby. These puppies were on sale for only $29!! I kind of liked them, but part of me also thought there were a bit dated and clunky/heavy. Still, they're different and when I tried them on, oh my god, they were so comfortable. Shoes that strap you in like this are always so nice on the feet and ankles.

Anyways, I think I really came out on top here. J. Crew is selling a very similar looking style for $238. I saved myself more than $200!! That's quite the accomplishment. (See how I rationalize my spending?)

Here are the J. Crew ones for comparison...

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