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I love my Lakers so much. They were intense, energized, and passionate tonight! Game 7, here we come. Everything's on the line, for the victory, for the glory, for the joy of it all!!

If you're not watching Friday Night Lights, you're missing out. That show is so good.

I have a half full can of soda next to me right now. I'm thirsty and want to quench my thirst, but I've already brushed my teeth. Oh, the dilemmas in my life.

Long, flowy, white, cotton maxi dresses are the best. So comfortable and refreshing.

BP, I can't believe I had to sit through one of your commercials during my game tonight. Unacceptable. Why don't you spend a little more time and money on cleaning up your mess, rather than millions on advertising?

Why haven't I gotten my vision and dental coverage cards in the mail? Hmm, I should follow up on that.

Clutter, please don't take over my life.

Food, yum.

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