.. and the blazer craze begins ..

I mentioned a couple of posts below that I needed to take photographs of a whole lot of blazers that Esther and I purchased for the shop, so I managed to get myself into a neutral top and skirt for the "shoot." I wasn't able to wear all the blazers, but we captured quite a few of them! Yay, us. You'll see these in the OFT shop soon!

I love blazers and I know they aren't exactly seasonable right now, but really, it's still chilly at night, and fall will be here in no time.

There will be a lot of pictures, so I'll be milking this into several posts. I know, for shame, but I didn't wear all of these blazers for nothing!

Gravel's a killer on shoes. The first is a black pinstripe double breasted Nanette Lapore blazer, and the second is an awesome bolero style velvet jacket with sheer cutouts. Both black, but very different in design aesthetic.

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