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I was totally inspired to reorganize my closet after seeing these pics from Kelly (aka The Glamourai). She doesn't have a lot of space, but she used every inch with such thought and precision. When I had a walk-in closet at my old place, my wardrobe was beautifully organized by color and style, but things have gotten way out of hand ever since I had to move my clothes into a much smaller space. Now, I have things strewn about in 4-5 different places around the house, but looking at Kelly's closet, I'm reminded of how important it is to have a functioning and organized closet. It makes dressing up more fun, and you feel more inspired to be able to put things together in a creative and interesting way. I love it!!

P.S. | I'd die for some of her clothes and accessories. She has a lot of really great statement pieces, so that everything she wears makes a distinct impression, and evokes strong emotion and a particular point of view.

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